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America high quality online sale outlet sale

America high quality online sale outlet sale


Product Description

AMERICA by America simply is one of the finest sounding albums of the classic rock era, as it proved itself a smash with the fans and critics alike when it was first released in 1972. Originally a #1 album, containing the number one smash A Horse With No Name (as the album title is often referred), this masterwork is now presented in 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl on the Friday Music Vinyl label.

Friday Music Vinyl mastering producer Joe Reagoso (The Doobie Brothers, David Bowie, Loggins & Messina) has carefully and painstakingly gone to serious lengths of quality control, studio expertise and sonic resonance to master what we feel is the ultimate listening experience of this legendary California trios most loved work.

Known for their history of developing hit songs and albums, America were also in the fore front of making excellent sounding albums. Originally produced by Ian Samwell and engineered by Ken Scott, this album has gone on to be the most revered in their massive catalog.

The trio shared equal duties of impeccable guitar work and legendary three part harmony vocals from Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley and Dan Peek, which have become a major influence to many of the soft-rock, country rock and singer songwriter artists that exist today. David Lindley (Jackson Browne) and Ray Cooper (Elton John) also contribute their artistry to several of the tracks on this album.

Not only do you get the number one A Horse With No Name , you also get to hear the amazing rock and pop crossover smashes I Need You Riverside and Sandman. A lot of us can remember buying our first guitars and learning to play along with these great songs. This stunning audiophile release will have you singing and playing along once again.

Remembering those great times, when an album cover was an experience as much as the music inside, we are also including a protective poly lined sleeve to protect the vinyl, and a vinyl cover to keep the album cover in great shape as well.

America by America is back....presented in 180 Gram glorious audiophile stores now, exclusively from Friday Music Vinyl. ENJOY!


1. Riverside
2. Sandman
3. Three Roses
4. Children
5. A Horse With No Name
6. Here
7. I Need You
8. Rainy Day
9. Never Found the Time
10. Clarice
11. Donkey Jaw
12. Pigeon Song --Friday Music, Inc.

Track Listings

1 Riverside
2 Sandman
3 Three Roses
4 Children
5 A Horse With No Name
6 Here
7 I Need You
8 Rainy Day
9 Never Found the Time
10 Clarice
11 Donkey Jaw
12 Pigeon Song

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